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Welcome to the Island Vape Shop on Clearwater Beach, where you can fill all of your personal vaporizer and electronic cigarette needs in one simple store.

Since the introduction of E-cigarettes, more and more people are quitting smoking and replacing the habit with Electronic Cigarettes.  It's been proven that it is not the nicotine that is harmful to your health but the chemicals that go into the making of the cigarettes that damage your heart and lungs.

E-Cig battery recycling is an easy way to protect the environment!


At Island Vape Shop, we are dedicated to making a conscious effort to operate our business in an environmentally responsible manner. That’s why we’ll recycle your used e-cig batteries, no matter the brand.

In efforts to be an environmentally responsible organization, Island Vape Shop has recently partnered with Recycling Rescue, LLC. Their program  provides all the tools necessary to make  recycling  easy.

We are committed to complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and we recognize that responsible recycling is an integral part of reducing our company’s environmental impact.

Litter Butt

If you use rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes, you personally prevent thousands of cigarette butts a year from entering landfills, or worse, rivers and oceans. A whopping 4.5 trilion cigarette buts become liter every year, and using rechargeable e-cigs bateries with refill cartridges helps prevent some of that waste.  When you’re done with your rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, you can simply recycle it!

Traditional cigarettes are a huge impedance to the environment. Butts lay everywhere, creating an eye-sore all over the world. E-cigarettes help reduce that waste because they are battery-operated. An e-cigarette battery may be recharged and reused about 300 times. A battery will eventually retire and no longer be useable. The person using the e-cigarette usually throws it away, or keeps it in their collection. Tossing batteries in the trash is never a good idea. Keeping old products that no longer work doesn’t make much sense either. The best way to get rid of an e-cigarette battery is to take it somewhere to be recycled.

Can I Recycle This?

Since starting the battery recycling program, Island Vape Shop has become proactive about informing their customers that their products can be recycled. Some e-cigarette users on Facebook have asked where they can take their batteries. Island Vape Shop  directs them to come by the shop and drop them in a specially marked bin. Recycling Rescue will pick up the batteries and dispose them of them properly.

Making It Easy

Island Vape Shop Lounge & Store just added  a recycling box so that customers can come in to recycle their old batteries. People can also recycle their cell phones and any other rechargeable battery they want to drop off. The directions are simple. Just put the battery in one of the plastic bags provided, seal it, and drop it into the box. When the box is full, Island Vape Shop call Recycling Rescue and they come and pick up the items for recycling.

Not local?

If you don’t live near the Island Vape Shop Lounge & Store, you can still recycle your e-cigarette batteries. You may mail them to  the Island Vape Shop Customer Service Department with a note stating that they are to be recycled.

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Whether you need Cartomizers for your Ego on the beach,  Batteries for your latest MOD walking down the Boardwalk, E-Liquids for the Cabana, or Lanyards, Cases and Accessories for the surf, Island Vape Shop has got you covered.