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Welcome to the Island Vape Shop on Clearwater Beach, where you can fill all of your personal vaporizer and electronic cigarette needs in one simple store.

Since the introduction of E-cigarettes, more and more people are quitting smoking and replacing the habit with Electronic Cigarettes.  It's been proven that it is not the nicotine that is harmful to your health but the chemicals that go into the making of the cigarettes that damage your heart and lungs.

Clearwater Beach Electronic Cigarette Store

Island Vape Shop opens an electronic cigarette store on Clearwater Beach.

Island Vape Shop, an electronic cigarette hardware and e-liquid retailer located on Clearwater beach has opened a full service store serving the electronic cigarette needs of locals and vacationers visiting the Clearwater Beach area.

It has been a successful first few months of operation for electronic cigarette retailer Island Vape Shop. As they approach the first spring break season of their Clearwater Beach Store.

Island Vape Shop owner targeted Clearwater Beach because of its reputation as a vibrant, progressive beach community where Electronic Cigarettes are making a name for themselves. Island Vape Shop considers the beach to be a world-class, resort-oriented community that offers unique opportunities for an e-cig and e-liquid shop.

We are thrilled the community has embraced our store on Clearwater Beach and we believe we can make this a very ‘vape friendly’ community by providing local individuals and businesses with the products they need to clear the air around town. Doing well here will really be a boom for the Electronic Cigarette business.

We plan to win over Clearwater Beach and the surrounding area by creating a sense of community with other local businesses. We urge business owners from across the area to stop by the Island ape Shop location to pick up a “Vape Friendly” sticker that can be displayed in shop windows letting customers know e-cigs are welcomed. Island Vape Shop wants businesses to know that showing your support to local vapers is a smart move.

Selling online since 2012, Island Vape Shop has provided their customers with convenient access to a diverse set of merchandise, including more than 100 e-liquid flavors from a dozen US-based brands, a host of personal vaporizer products, and electronic cigarette starter kit options for all kinds of consumers. With the addition of a physical location, the company can now offer shoppers the added convenience of being able to see the products in person and sample different liquids at their E-Juice bar before making a purchase.

You can celebrate with Island Vape Shop in April when we are planning our first Vape Meet-up at our Clearwater Beach location. And don’t forget — We ship internationally. No matter where you are, you can become a part of the electronic cigarette revolution and help clear the air in your city.

For more information about Island Vape Shop’s plans for the coming years or to learn more about the products they sell, visit their website at, or go to their new location at 61 Baymont Street (next to Frenchy’s Cafe), Clearwater Beach, FL 33767. You can reach them by calling (727) 754-9751

About Island Vape Shop

Owned by Andrew Nawoichik, he started selling E-Cigs in November 2012 as an online retailer. Headquartered on Clearwater Beach, the company boasts an online store and now a brick and mortar location offering a wide range of electronic cigarette hardware, e-liquids and accessories.

More About Vaping

“Vaping” is the act of inhaling vaporized flavored liquids using an atomizer, a battery tube, a lithium ion battery, and a drip tip, all assembled in a hand-held cylinder designed to be similar to the shape of a cigarette.

Liquid flavors, or “juices,” available to be vaporized in customers’ atomizers range from banana nut bread, to menthol, to fruit, to tobacco itself. These juices – combinations of flavorings, water, and the pharmaceutical grade PG/VG base – are pre-mixed for sale for the Island Vape Shop. Some juices (also known as “e-juices” or “e-liquids”) contain nicotine and can help transition a smoker of traditional cigarettes away from the habit. Smokers can choose nicotine amounts from 24 milligrams, to 12 milligrams, and so on down to 0 milligrams as they wean themselves.

The Journal of Public Health Policy, a peer-reviewed medical journal since 1980, stated in a 2011 review that “electronic cigarettes may aid in smoking cessation and are likely to be more effective at this than traditional pharmacotherapy,” according to Wikipedia’s page on vaping.

Recent Study

Drexel University’s School of Public Health published a report last summer concluding that “the exposures from using e-cigarettes fall well below the threshold for concern for compounds with known toxicity.”

This report, written by Igor Burstyn, Ph.D., of Drexel’s Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, further claims, “There is no serious concern about the contaminants such as volatile organic compounds (formaldehyde, acrolein, etc.) in the liquid or produced by heating.”

The study contradicts previous findings that vaping was not a safer alternative to smoking. Burstyn writes that “the existing literature [on e-cigarettes] tends to overestimate the exposures and exaggerate their implications.”

The full study can be found online at:

To contact Andrew Nawoichik for additional information or comments, please call him at 727-342-0575, or email him at

Island Vape Shop offers a large selection of personal vaporizers, e-Liquids,  and accessories for both the novice and experienced user.  We specialize in educating the beginner on the various electronic cigarette devices and pride ourselves on offering our customers a money-back guarantee.  


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